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Breakout Sessions 3 Live Breakout
0:00 am

Please select a breakout room of interest below and attend for the full duration of the breakout.

These breakouts will be delivered via LIVE Google Meets.

Abbey Park High School

Information and Communications Technology (SHSM) Tara Ashley
Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services (SHSM) Melissa Sinclair
Transportation (SHSM) Mark Rullo

Aldershot School

Environment (SHSM) Jason Blair
Health and Wellness (SHSM) Cara Greenslade

M.M Robinson High School

Electrical (OYAP) (SHSM) Carlo Crechiola

Oakville Trafalgar High School

Thomas A. Blakelock High School

Energy (SHSM) Richard LeBlanc
Health and Wellness (SHSM) Lilla Richardson
Information and Communications Technology (SHSM) Paul Deane

White Oaks Secondary School

Health and Wellness (SHSM) Jenn Pratt
Horticulture and Landscaping (SHSM) Conor Morris

HDSB Programs

Dual Credit Information Alijcia Gibson
Skilled Trades Information Wade Richardson

Some of the HDSB SHSM and OYAP programs were not able to

have live representatives tonight. For more information about

HDSB Pathways Programs please visit